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Palestinian Traditional Thobe

Oil Painting


Palestinian Traditional Thobe

Nora Alshaikh Art

All rights of selling or reproducing this artwork are reserved to the artist only 

Palestinian Traditional Thobe

الثوب الفلسطيني

Traditional Palestinian Thobe is a work of art created with love to preserve and enhance Palestinian culture for future generations. Palestinian thobes, and the tatreez style of embroidery used to add detail to them, are around 3,000 years old, and are seen as intrinsic to Palestinian culture and identity.

Embroidered motifs and colors vary from one area to another, reflecting the unique characteristics of Palestinian villages and towns. Each town has its own style of patterns and uses a bespoke collection of threads for use in tatreez.

Contemporary Palestinian art has its origins in folk art as well as traditional Christian and Islamic artwork that has long been popular in Palestine. Nationalistic themes have predominated since the Nakba of 1948, as Palestinian artists use a variety of media to express and explore their connection to identity and land.

Medium: Oil Painting

Size: 36"X48"

Palestinian Art

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