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The Road To Al Aqsa Mosque

Oil Painting


The Road To Al Aqsa Mosque

Nora Alshaikh Art

All rights of selling or reproducing this artwork are reserved to the artist only 

The Road To Al Aqsa Mosque

Medium: Oil Painting

Size: 24" X 30"

The Road To Al Aqsa Mosque is an original painting, authentic and ethical. It's also part of the Zuqaq Collection inspired by the Palestinian streets and city photos. Zuqaq is an Arabic word that means a narrow street between or behind buildings. it usually refers to an ancient place with great history.

This captivating artwork narrates the compelling tale of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem, shedding light on the intricacies of their daily lives. It portrays the story of the roads and ancient shops, which have been an integral part of their culture for generations.

Through this artwork, I aim to showcase a narrative that deserves to be shared and heard by people all around the globe - the tale of our people and our homeland. By capturing the essence of the Palestinian lifestyle and culture, this masterpiece serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of a community that has faced countless challenges and adversities.

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