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Welcome To My Website 

First and foremost, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you on my website. You can learn more about my previous and ongoing projects on this site. Some of them have recently been accomplished, while others are still in the process.

My artistic aim is to fight for those who lack the ability to speak up for themselves. Demonstrate their difficulties and sorrow, and discover various ways to assist them.

For me, art acts as a means of conveying a message and highlighting a case.

I hope you enjoy it and remember that your suggestions, ideas, and questions are always welcome; please contact me if you have any.

My Portfolio

Nora Alshaikh

Nora Alshaikh is a self-taught Palestinian artist. She was nurtured in a family that values art in all of its forms. A poet father, a wonderful cook mother, and sisters and brothers who taught her that a woman, whether she is a mother, a sister, or a daughter, ought to be loved and cherished.

Palestine & Palestinian Art are major themes in Nora's art creations as well as a variety of humanitarian concepts such as refugees, displacement, and children's struggles around the world.

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Nora's children are her biggest fans; they continue to inspire her throughout her long and difficult journey. She commits her achievements to them, and she aspires to be a better person for them.

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Nora Alshaikh The Artist




Nora Alshaikh's art is an online gallery where she developed a platform to express her views about what is going on in the world via art, beginning with wars, replacements, refugees, and camps. Her main focus is on children and women because she is a woman and a mother in the first place, thinking of mothers and their children in such situations made her sad.

My Mission & Vision

​Through Nora's art, she's emphasized the Palestinian struggle, and as a result, she's created a series of artworks that tells the complete Palestinian journey, beginning with the people who lived happily on their land prior to 1948. Palestine, particularly Jerusalem, was one of the most rapidly developing and inhabited countries of the time. Palestine is where Jesus was born and raised, as well as where the Prophet Muhammad's ascent into heaven took place in Al-Isra' and al-Mi'raj from Qubbat Alsakhra in Jerusalem. It wasn't land with no people, as they claim, and it is our responsibility to demonstrate this to the rest of the world.

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Artworks in the image:

"My  Grandson"  & "Old-city Jerusalem", f

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Nora Alshaikh Original Painting | My Grandpa
Nora Alshaikjh Original Painting |  My Mother

Find in the image above:

"My Grandma " artwork is part of the Palestinian Nakba Revival Collection

The year 1948, in particular, was the twist in the story, when the occupiers unexpectedly launched a war against the defenseless and unarmed Palestinians, forcibly evicting them from their homes, as a result of the 1948 war, approximately 750,000 Palestinians were displaced, and became refugees. Followed by many other wars that led to creating more damage and today there are more than 7 million Palestinian refugees scattered around the world. Palestinians saved their houses' keys and left everything behind, believing that they will return to their houses one day, we are the third generation now still striving outside, attempting to reclaim our right to return.

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Today, the 7 million Palestinian refugees who suffered a lot, experienced many things but they were strong and still raising the voice of the resistance in all its forms; art, music, and more. Nora's main goal is to keep doing art for Palestine and the Palestinian people, spreading awareness about them until the entire world is aware of them. 


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My Style & Medium

Nora's art style is contemporary and modern-oriented. She loves to use bright and modern organic pigment colors in the background to produce lively and modern artwork that can be effortlessly incorporated into any setting. She enjoys drawing portraits; it is both a strength and a passion for her. Portraits, particularly eyes, in her opinion, can reveal a lot of people's feelings. You may perceive sadness as well as delight through the eyes.

Ocher, ultramarine blue, and crimson red tones can be found always in her main palette. She enjoys combining various hues to achieve the broadest color range possible with the fewest colors.

Earth pigment hues are used in the majority of her oil paintings, as well as watercolor and gouache cityscape paintings.

Nora prefers to paint her larger paintings in oil, and she chooses her art supplies carefully. However, in her opinion, watercolor painting is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and thrilling art forms ever.

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Nora Alshaikh Original Painting | Old City Jerusalem

Old-city Jerusalem  Visit My Art Shop for more information

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In conclusion, I am honored to present this compilation of my artistic portfolio. Through countless hours of dedication, exploration, and creative expression, I have poured my heart and soul into these works. Each piece represents a unique journey of self-discovery, a fusion of imagination and skill, and a testament to my growth as an artist. I hope that this collection resonates with you, evoking emotions, sparking inspiration, and leaving an indelible impression.


Thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself in my artistic world, and I look forward to continuing this enriching artistic journey together.

Medium & Style
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